When I want a quick, healthy meal, I dump milk, low fat

The real () and imaginary () parts of the dielectric functions for each crystallographic axis were also calculated (Figure S2). The observed Faraday spectrum and the anisotropic dielectric functions show that the Faraday effect in the visible region appears when light is irradiated from the end surface of the bar magnet in the crystallographic a axis direction.The lattice vibration mode (phonon mode) of the mesoscopic Fe2O3 rod was measured using Far IR spectroscopy. Figure 2d shows that the low frequency range lattice vibrations are observed at 2.62THz (87.3cm1), 3.31THz (110.4cm1), 3.65THz (121.8cm1), 3.87THz (129.1cm1), 4.45THz (148.4cm1), 4.73THz (157.9cm1), and 5.21THz (173.8cm1) in the frequency range of 2.2THz (=136m, 73cm1) 5.4THz (=56m, 180cm1).

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