14: Dred Scott, Wong Kim Ark & Vanessa Lopez

From before the Civil War to Chinese Exclusion to the present day, the documentary film 14: Dred Scott, Wong Kim Ark & Vanessa Lopez traces how citizenship is defined in the United States. We are in the midst of production of this film and we need your help. Please consider a donation of any amount! We can’t do it without you!

The inspiring, present day story of a family from Seattle, Washington is the central focus of the film. Rosario Lopez and her 10-year-old daughter Vanessa are both activists in the immigrant rights youth movement. Born in the United States and a citizen under the 14th Amendment, Vanessa wants to be “either an artist, a photographer, a lawyer, or a marine biologist,” as well as President of the United States. The citizenship of millions of children like Vanessa, born in the United States to undocumented parents, is being challenged by politicians who want to change the long-held interpretation of the 14th Amendment. Please support this film!

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