[9] Several fought alongside AT ATs at the Battle of Hoth

Mounted with twin heavy laser cannons and piloted by veteran crews Chloe Replica Handbags, they excelled against most targets.[8]Part of the All Terrain walker family, the AT STs role in supporting Imperial ground operations earned it the moniker ‘scout walker'[1] owing to its ability in ferreting out enemy positions and inspecting locations in advance of larger walkers. It was better equipped than the Republic AT RT.[3]The AT ST was commonly involved in a variety of environments. At least one AT ST was deployed on Jedha in 0 BBY in a battle during the planet’s insurgency.[9] Several fought alongside AT ATs at the Battle of Hoth.[10] They also notably participated in the Battle of Endor, where they were defeated by the Ewoks and their traps.[5]The original model for the AT ST was created by members of the Industrial Light Magic team, and George Lucas thought it was “neat” and decided to include it in The Empire Strikes Back alongside the AT AT, so the ILM model shop disassembled it and added a metal stop motion armature..

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