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Archaic anti-poacher laws get bullet

New Labour’s commitment canada goose coat 1000 bulbs garland to a classless Britain has seen it focus on an unlikely target. The government is preparing to repeal nineteenth century laws governing the sale of game which were meant to stop the poor poaching on the estates of rich landowners.

The move reflects pressure from the shooting industry, which is seeking to market game birds as a more healthy alternative to factory-farmed chickens.

Today, more than 160 years from when the laws were introduced, it is still, according to the statute books, an offence for restaurants and dealers to possess game outside defined shooting seasons. Game dealers, for example, can sell grouse only up to 10 days after 10 December when the grouse-shooting season ends.

Ben Bradshaw, the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Minister, has confirmed that the government plans to liberalise the game laws to help boost the industry, which employs 26,000 people in the UK.

The move has been viewed in some quarters as a sop to the countryside lobby over the hunting ban, but Bradshaw believes it will encourage people to eat more game, such as partridge, best canada goose best place to buy a canada buy canada goose coat uk goose jacket in toronto jacket pheasant, deer, rabbit and hare. ‘Game is extremely nutritious and tasty, and contains some of the vital oils that are shared with oily fish,’ he said.

In recent years supermarkets and restaurants have stocked game to meet the demands of consumers seeking healthy alternatives to factory-farmed meat.

‘Game is wild, natural and free range,’ says information published on the game-to-eat website, a new government-funded site for consumers. It’s also healthier than many red best canada goose jacket reddit meats. For anyone on a low fat diet, venison makes a brilliant alternative to beef – just as tasty and extra lean.’

The abolition of game shooting and dealing licences would end some of Britain’s most anachronistic legislation. Under the Game Act of canada goose coat 1000 calorie diet 1831, it is up to individuals caught in buying a canada goose jacket online possession of game to show they acquired it ‘innocently.’

It was legislation introduced on the back of the act that makes fascinating reading for students of Britain’s class system. The royal family, and their gamekeepers, are exempt from having to acquire a licence to shoot or deal in game. A gamekeeper who works for someone with a title is granted greater best price parka canada goose jacket outlet usa online canada goose coat 1000 calorie diets store powers than a rival employed by someone without one.

‘The repeal of the Game Act is something we’ve been campaigning for for a long time,’ said Jeffrey Olstead, of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation.

‘It means people can have game in supermarkets and restaurants without breaking the law. The laws were to oppress the best ideas about canada goose parka on pinterest rural working class. It’s no longer appropriate.’

A spokeswoman for the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said said repealing the laws was subject to consultation. ‘But it’s important they reflect modern times and tastes.’

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