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News pertaining to 14 the movie and related issues.

Animation demonstrating how the gravity

Animation demonstrating how the gravity from a massive foreground galaxy can bend the light of a more distant galaxy. If the two galaxies line up just right, the result is a highly distorted image of the distant galaxy known as

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Crabtree calls the goal “very aggressive”

Crabtree calls the goal “very aggressive”; veteran battery researcher Jeff Dahn at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, calls it “impossible”. The energy density of rechargeable batteries has risen only sixfold since the early lead nickel rechargeables of the 1900s. But,

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Premiere of “14”!

At long last, our new film “14: Dred Scott, Wong Kim Ark & Vanessa Lopez” is finished! The premiere will be on Saturday, September 27, 2014 at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon. Seats are limited and it will sell

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