Dred and Harriet Scott – St. Louis Filming

Lynne Jackson

Lynne Jackson with the statue of Dred and Harriet Scott, St. Louis


We had the unbelievable good fortune to speak with Lynne Jackson, a descendant of Dred and Harriet Scott. We are deeply grateful to her for sharing her family history and her kind heart.

We filmed inside the beautiful, historic Old Courthouse in St. Louis, Missouri, where Dred and Harriet Scott first sued for their freedom.






St Louis Archives

St. Louis Archives

The Missouri State Archives-St. Louis hold hundreds of ‘Freedom’ Cases, like the case of Dred and Harriet Scott. Thank you so much to the many experts in St. Louis! Professor David Konig, Professor Silvana Siddali, archivists Mike Everman, Pat Barge, and Quan Pruitt.

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