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Thursday’s Rumours

The Mill Best Prada Outlet In Italy has made no secret of Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Online Shopping its distaste for the World Cup, and for the pages Bicester Village Prada Refund of winker-obsessed, gossip-stifling drivel that it seems to promote, but even we must pay homage to the moments of transfer madness spawned in its aftermath. Like lovelorn teenagers unable to shake the glossy memories of a summer fling, managers queue up tournament after tournament to offer ludicrous sums of money for the next Salif Diao or Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi, dreamily ignoring the better advice of their desperate scouts.

Stunningly, however, some managers seem to have finally noticed that this trend doesn’t always bear fruit. Wily Fabio Capello, for instance, has decided to turn the tactic completely on its head by wooing players who categorically failed to impress during the World Cup. Top of his Real Madrid shopping list is Manchester United’s equine frontman Ruud Van Nistelrooy, who scored once before getting dropped Authentic Prada Bags Online Singapore from Holland’s latest flops. That deal, according to, is as good as done, but Real’s current dearth of strikers will not be easily solved and Black Prada Bag With Gold Capello might stop off on his way back to Spain to pick up Luca Toni from Fiorentina. Toni’s performances, two goals and all-round World Cup usefulness are believed to have discouraged him, but Fiorentina are keen to make sure the veteran striker doesn’t end up with any of their Serie A rivals.

One forward whose non-performances Capello seems to have missed, however, is England’s very own Theo Walcott. Thankfully Norwich and West Brom picked up on Bicester Village Prada Discount his impressive subs’ bench performances, and both fancy Authentic Prada Handbags Usa their chances of pinching the youngster on a year’s loan. West Brom may have the edge, according to the Mirror, since Arsène Wenger has had visions Authentic Prada Leather Handbags of their very own Curtis Davies filling a Sol Campbell-sized hole in the centre of his defence next year.

Sensitive Sol, for his part, is the subject of Portsmouth and Fenerbahce’s dreams at the moment, but might not get a move to either (or indeed anywhere else) unless he can come to terms with a salary below £80,000 a week. Either way, Pompey’s ‘Arry Redknapp still fancies his chances with Celtic’s Stilian Petrov.

The threat of relegation to four of Italian football’s Authentic Prada Bags Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada For Sale Philippines biggest sides has alerted Martin Jol to the fact an altogether more useful ageing defender might soon be available in the person of Lillian Thuram, though Barcelona might prove a more appealing prospect than Tottenham for the Frenchman. But he’s not the only one waiting on the judgement of Italy’s deliberating arbitrators – Hernan Crespo still can’t wait to get out of Chelsea, and needs to know if Milan will still be able to offer him Serie A football next season. Roma are waiting to pounce if not.

Elsewhere, and clearly struggling with standard footballing conventions of relegated teams selling their players to teams in higher divisions, Steve Bruce has been trying to drag Collins John down with Birmingham into the Championship mire. Fortunately for John, Fulham aren’t dealing at £3m.

Suggestions that Bolton are trying to bring Abdoulaye Meite to Bolton are neither new or exciting, so Big Sam has kindly obliged us by also taking an unhealthy interest in Real Madrid’s Thomas Gravesen. Celtic’s ears have also pricked up after the bald Dane was told he was unwanted at the Bernabeu.

And just about everybody this morning has an opinion on Cristiano Ronaldo’s future, and since they appear to be as groundless as they are diverse, the Mill won’t bore you by repeating them.

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