The store opening event will benefit Legend’s Show Me Campaign

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cheap replica handbags November 10, 2010 will celebrate the opening of its new store at Tysons Galleria with a private cocktail party this evening hosted by music artist John Legend. The 4,770 square foot space boasts a brand new design conceived by Creative Director Frida Giannini. The store opening event will benefit Legend’s Show Me Campaign with a ten percent contribution of the evening’s sales towards the nonprofit organization.. cheap replica handbags

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designer replica handbags Cargo StorageSubaru has altered the center console to create more logical storage for tech savvy drivers. A large cubby directly below the climate controls is large enough to fit wallets and smartphones, and it also houses the USB ports. That leaves the center console cubby free to hold even bulkier items, like sunglasses or small bags.. designer replica handbags

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